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James Cardone

James Cardone , PT

James S. Cardone, PT is the President and CEO of Recovery Physical Therapy, the company he founded in 1999. A graduate of Florida International University in Miami Florida in 1978, he began his career at the famous Rusk Institute in New York City and has been one of the pioneers of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation with more than 30 years of clinical, teaching and managerial experience in the field of physical therapy.

He has specialized in the management of orthopedic and sports related injuries for the past 28 years; developed the rehab department within the Sports Training Institute, NYC,owned and operated the Center for Sports Therapy, NYC, was NYC area manager for Healthsouth Rehabilitation and most recently, owns and manages Recovery Physical Therapy with twelve locations in and around NYC.

He has dedicated a career to working with lay people, recreational, high school, collegiate, Olympic and professional athletes; all who have suffered from an orthopedic or sports related injury and were looking to achieve the optimal results of rehabilitation with a return to work, play and the activities of daily living!