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Russell Hartophilis

Russell Hartophilis , PT

Russell Hartophilis brings 30 years of orthopedic experience to his Rockefeller Center and Fashion District facilites. His entire physical therapy career has been Manhattan based following his graduation from Hunter College. Beginning with Bellevue Hospital, Russell worked with the spinal cord injury team and also ran the outpatient clinic. He then further developed his orthopedic skills as the Senior Associate with The Center for Sports Therapy. There, he developed a 200-book reference library, which was used as a teaching model for students and volunteers.

Academically, Russell has been a clinical coordinator accepting students from physical therapy schools throughout the country. He has lectured at continuing education courses, and a contributing writer for research articles and books and was also an interviewer for Hunter College’s Physical Therapy program admissions team. From a sports standpoint, Russell has worked with the N.J. Nets, the N.J. Stars team tennis, and the N.J. Torpedoes youth soccer program.

Russell continues to provide quality one to one care emphasizing manual therapy and patient education. His specialties include shoulder, knee, and postural decline mechanical issues. He also observes patient surgeries and attends physician consultations with patients in order to maximize a patient’s physical therapy experience.