Patient Testimonials

  • Richa is an excellent, experienced, thorough, understanding, kind and caring therapist. She is by far, one of the best in the business. Richa carefully evaluates each issue, and together with her hands on manipulation and carefully selected exercises, you are assured to feel pain relief within your first session. I am very grateful to be working with Richa and so far, has alleviated so much of my ongoing pain, in just a few visits. Thank You, as well, Recovery Physical Therapy.

  • I started seeing Richa after having had to wait 8 weeks during the COVID epidemic to get medical assistance for my spinal herniation. When I started, I was at a 9/10 pain level, it was constant and unbearable. We started slowly, so as not to make things worse, but even after one week, I was already noticing improvement. Richa talked me through everything, she gave me new and different exercises to do at home as I progressed over the next few weeks, and was always available to respond over the phone or via email if I had questions about how things were going or about what to do at home. Just over a month, I’ve improved about 85% and I’m now at a point where I’m completely pain free throughout the day and night, without having to take any pain medication at all. Hopefully in another 2-3 sessions, all my mobility will be back to normal and I’ll be completely healed. I could have never done this on my own. Thank you, Richa!

    Andrew U.

  • Absolutely wonderful place for therapy, I love the entire staff!

    Denise M.

  • They help me vet well, very nice and caring people!

    Lana L.

  • A fantastic place, with very well trained therapists.


  • Friendly smiles and caring staff, blessings and love them all ?

    Rosastella R.

  • Professional, knowledgeable, and personable staff. After 6 visits I now have hope I can live without daily severe headaches or addictive drugs to relive the pain. Thru education about my posture, stretching excercises, and gentle exercise, I am slowly improving. Excellent care with a sense of humor! Thank you Tyrone and Josh!

    Janice M.