Your Body, Your Swing

April 4th, 2017
your body, your swing

For years golf professionals have been working with their clients on how to “fix” their swing.  In a recent post on, Jerry King discusses some great Tips & Tricks on how to avoid 4 common swing faults.  These tips and tricks can certainly be helpful, but in order to reduce the root cause of the swing faults, we must analyze our own bodies; there is more to the golf swing than just technique.  

Every golfer is unique and comes to the course with a different history.  Loss of mobility, strength and control has a large effect on the swing, and studies have shown that improving these factors through a structured exercise program can increase club and ball velocity and driving distance. 1  It is the accumulation of your entire physical history that is put to test when you step up and address each and every ball.  Avid golfers often spend years trying multiple techniques, clubs and products to get rid of their slice or improve their power, all the while never analyzing the most important equipment they own…themselves.  Many golfers know they should exercise, believing it will help their game, however they feel they need direction in order to know which exercises they will benefit from the most. Knowing this will prevent wasting time working on things that don’t need improvement.

We have spent years living in our bodies and watching them change as we age.  Why do we spend so much time and money on products, training videos and equipment and overlook the idea of improving ourselves? In a recent study, 36 male and female golfers were put through the Titleist Performance Institute Physical Screen with the goal of determining if there was a correlation between limitations found in their screen and some of the most common faults found in the golf swing.  At the conclusion of the study researchers found “when a golfer could not overhead deep squat or single leg balance on the left side, they were 2-3 times more likely to exhibit an early hip extension, loss of posture, or slide during the golf swing.”2

This is just one example of how poor mobility and control of our bodies can affect our golf swing.  The RPT golf improvement program, utilizing the TPI physical screen and swing analysis, was designed to address exactly this!  Our 6-week program achieves results! This program has helped many golfers obtain their goals, and in its 4th year running we are excited to offer it now in both our Upper West Side and Millburn locations!


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