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Our Practice

Recovery Physical Therapy is a team of physical therapy professionals committed to helping our patients return to their activities of daily living, work, and the recreational activities they love by providing the highest level of personalized care to treat their injury or condition.

Our first facility opened in 1999; however, many of us have been working together since 1982. We started Recovery Physical Therapy (RPT) because we saw the marketplace shifting from individual care to a mill-like atmosphere, where several patients are treated simultaneously in order to offset diminishing reimbursement rates.

Patients are not a number at RPT.  We know that hands-on, one-on-one care is the most effective treatment and provides better outcomes. At Recovery Physical Therapy, all of our patients are treated by a licensed physical therapist.  In fact over 90% of our physical therapists have their DPT, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, in addition to other advanced specialty degrees, such as a certified orthopedic specialist.  In addition, we provide continuing education opportunities for our employees, and strive to promote clinical advancement and mastery.

Recovery Physical Therapy is a physical therapist owned and operated company – all offices are managed by a licensed physical therapist which means that decisions are made from a clinical perspective and not an accounting position.  Successful outcomes are the result of many factors and we are committed to ensuring that our staff is empowered to address them all. We currently have eleven locations in the metropolitan area, convenient to home and work.  We are open early in the morning until after work and on Saturdays in some locations, making it easy for our patients to schedule appointments.