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Work-Related Injury Recovery and Prevention

At RPT we fully abide by the New York Medical Treatment Guidelines for knee, low back, neck and shoulder injury, as established in June 2010 by the New York State Workers Comp Board. Following a thorough evaluation and assessment of your injury by a licensed physical therapist, a “plan of care” is established where the initial goal is to decrease the symptoms associated with an acute injury like pain, and swelling (if the injury involves a joint like the hip, knee or shoulder).

We utilize therapeutic modalities, manual therapy like joint mobilization, stretching, strengthening, postural, balance and core stabilization exercises. Once a patient has progressed out of the acute phase of injury and rehabilitation, the focus shifts to a more functional “work conditioning” type  program in which the goals are to help you develop a physical tolerance for work, regain flexibility, mobility, strength , endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and learn safer work techniques for prolonged sitting, lifting, bending twisting, etc.

The ultimate goal at RPT is to help you thoroughly understand your injury and how to prevent a recurrence of that injury with a safe and productive return to work.